As an old, faithful train gently rolls across the tracks dividing Bayou Texar and Pensacola Bay, an illuminating thought catches my mind, as a beam of light shoots across and through my window. The breeze is whispering calmly into my ear. The train moves slow and steady, but powerfully and undeterred from its motive. Keep traversing the tracks.

So I grab my camera, and race. The colors are running through the sky like golden catapulted light on the Fourth of July. As the sun sets on this existing chapter of my life, the colors break into a glorious hue. The water has taken on an otherworldly depth of marbled sleekness. It is alive.

Great purples give way to majestic hues of glowing yellow and orange. As the camera iris brings in light over extended periods of time, I consider my own eye taking in the vast amount of perceptions this world has to offer. How much control we ultimately have over what is in front of our own eyes. Oh, what great power lies in that knowledge.

What the eye is drawn to, and why people are motivated by these choices in aesthetics is something I find so compelling. Along with visually percieving an image and appreciating it, there is something deeper there that exists in all of us. Why is this good? Why is this “of Quality”?

My love for creating started at a very young age when I found myself with a camera in hand and a need to contribute my individual perspective to the world. Since the days of handcrafting short ideas into visual content with close friends for fun, not much has changed. I strive to keep this sense of wonder alive to this day, by bringing fresh and innovative ideas to every new project at The Southern Creative. Every new challenge gives us a chance to push ourselves and continually improve as visual storytellers of our generation.

With all of that being said, there had to be a cohesiveness between the past and future. A way to sustain a mind frame across all aspects of design and production. There absolutely had to be a completely comprehensive advertising agency rooted in Pensacola, FL but with intentions to roam the world. Existing as a means to represent the old days of hard working, fast paced collaboration between artists of all backgrounds. Specializing across all spectrums.

Photography | Video Production | Branding | Logo Design | Web Design | Marketing | SEO | Writing

It all has to live within one place.

So, without further ado, this is the creation. There comes a time to take a leap, jump in, leave everything behind and create something wild and inventive. We are THE SOUTHERN CREATIVE and we are bringing our fresh and unique perspective to the world in hopes of crafting something beautiful just for you . We want to impress you with our design and aesthetic sense. Follow our journey as the sun rises and falls. Ultimately, we are moving and it is watching us.