The Armored Frog
Web Design + Video Production + Photography

Armored Frog is the high quality heirloom furniture maker you have been searching for.

01. Web Design

Thoroughly scouring the companies brand book we were able to immerse ourselves in their world after countless hours designing and building their website, we felt truly in line with their mission of quality handcrafted heirlooms meant to hold up for generations.

02. Photography

We captured high quality product photography, lifestyle imagery, and everything in between in creating an endless gallery of images for the website and social media.

03. Video Production

The Armored Frog trusted us completely in telling their Brand Story and crafting a library of beautiful woodworking content to draw from, sculpt, mold into something new.


The Armored Frog


Web Design
Video Production

Armored Frog is a design / build studio.

Clients of the Armored Frog have found success in their own unique way. Though our paths vary, we all belong to a very special group. We are never satisfied with the status quo. Our attitude, values and passion for life are inspiring. Above all other attributes, we value authenticity and the type of know-how that can only be achieved through years of perseverance.

It’s through these experiences that we are able to recognize the genuine article and begin to curate our lives. This cultivated selectivity transforms our belongings into the relics of our life story. In a familiar, seemingly cyclical fashion, the quality that we choose for ourselves reflects the essence of our journey.