Perfect Plain

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Perfect Plain is a light filled, industrial style brewery featuring a gorgeous taproom filled with large tanks and a beautiful ambiance. And of course, lovely handcrafted beer.

The beer created in this brewery is some of the absolute best in town and the region. Offering a wide selection of IPA’s, Sours, classic Ale’s, and many more, PP also adds new beers into the rotation quite frequently.

Our personal favorite brew is the Holy Spin IPA.

Rachel Jackson, upon seeing Pensacola for the first time declared it a perfect plain, which we agree wholeheartedly. We find it to be a charming ode to the history of our great city.

“Pensacola is a perfect plain: the land nearly as white as flour.”


Perfect Plain

One of Pensacola’s first breweries in a town that is starting to become recognized for its beer scene. Cheers!